TheyDo is a customer journey management platform

Our mission is to enable customer-centric innovation in any organisation.

Our why now stems from the fact that most organisations today are organised inside-out, excluding customer needs from entering the way of working.

Consequently, one of the most pressing problems in business is many ideas start with the end in mind, ignore the customer until the launch and turn out to be unsuccessful at solving a real problem. Yet innovation teams, design thinking workshops and CX programs are starting to turn things around.

The solution is to align everyone around the customer's journey to identify the real problems that, when solved, generate value for the business and the customer.

The product strategy underpinning our solution sits between customer-centric problem solving and project management.

Firstly, we help organisations to create, share and improve their customer journeys by organizing qualitative research insights one place.

Secondly, when problems are highlighted every stakeholder can see the business problem while seeing the customer problem. This makes conceiving new solutions easy, validation a must  and unlocks a recurring way of prioritizing things customer-centric.

We know we’ve been successful when  1 million people use TheyDo in their day-to-day, working customer-centric as a standard, not an exception.

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