As a researcher you can edit existing comments in the customer journey. 

To edit a comment you first need to select the "Edit journey" button.

Next you select the desired step where the comment is located. 

A panel is displayed on the right hand side where all the comments are located for the selected step. Now copy the comment text and then click on the X button next to the comment you want to edit. This will delete the old comment. 

Now click on the add comment icon. A popup appears where you can enter the new comment copy. If you copied the old comment copy you can just paste it in here and then edit the copy. Once you're done editing, don't forget to tag the comment with one of the three moods. Please note that if you don't tag a comment with a a mood, the comment will be saved as an observation instead. 

When you're done click Add. 

Click the X icon in the left hand corner and the step dialog closes. 

To save the comment and other edited content click Save Journey at the bottom of the page. 

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