A solution consists of the following elements: 

  1. A header image - A design example of the idea or an image of the problem the idea is solving. 
  2. A title - Give your idea a title that in an easy way describes what the idea does / or how it helps the user.
  3. A description - Give others an understanding what the idea is about and what the outcome is, from the user perspective.  
  4. Rating - define how to prioritise the idea against other solutions. 
  5. Tags - add tags to your idea to make it easy to find when  searching.
  6. Goal - give it a priority in relation to your business goals. 
  7. Upload files - Upload any type of file that are related to your idea, there can be blue prints, problem analysis, technical documentation, research results, etc.
  8. Link idea -  If your idea is connected to other solutions in TheyDo you can specify it here. 

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