An idea can be assessed and scored with the simple three-part 'Nuf test'.

Just score it from 1 to 5 on each of 'New', 'Useful' and 'Feasible'.

New: not been tried beforeA solution is not creative unless it is new. When we say 'new' here we are not looking to get into philosophical arguments about original thought, but we do mean something substantially different from those things which have been tried before.

Useful: solves the problemIt is good to have a creative new solution--and it is even better if it solves the problem! The question here is 'How completely does it solve the problem?' A totally useful solution solves the problem completely--and does not create any new ones.

Feasible: can be implemented in practiceIf you have a really novel solution that fully solves the problem, the final question is 'Can it be put into practice?' If it is really expensive to implement and difficult to use, then it will not be a very feasible solution. Another good question here is 'Who will I have to persuade to get it done?'.

Calculation: An idea can have a maximum overall score of 5. The higher the NUF score, the higher priority your idea has amongst all ideas listed in your journey. 

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