The term “customer journey” refers to the sum-total of all experiences that an individual customer has with your brand.

A customer journey is a visual representation of all possible experiences customers might have with your store. It also accounts for the sequences in which these experiences commonly occur.

There isn’t one customer journey. Rather, your company's “customer journeys” or represent all the possible interactions that an individual might have with your product or service.

These interactions can be split up into higher-level stages common to all customers, irrespective of their unique experiences.

Of all the business tools available to online retailers, customer journey maps are one of the most valuable.

If they’re not already a big part of your business strategy, you’re likely losing out on sales.

Customer journey maps clarify and develop important parts of the customer journey. They allow you to stand in the shoes of your customers, enabling you to improve nearly every aspect of their experience.

They also provide you with the kind of high-level overview you need to target customers with the content and touchpoints that will move them down your sales funnel.

Customer journey optimization, based on mapping, leads to more conversions, revenue, and long-term loyalty.

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