Your Challenge is a smaller (solvable) chunk of your company-wide strategy. The purpose of a Challenge is to help you reach your goals. Think of them as a shared steering wheel within the company.

When you use OKR's, use the Business Challenges as the Objective.

Being customer-centric means looking at the Challenge from the customer's perspective. With the Challenge, you start from a place you know best: your business. Once you define a Challenge, you know what's in and out of scope, and you can start innovating.

A good Challenge:

  1. Defines what you aim to achieve

  2. Specifies by when you want to achieve the goal

  3. Is a smaller part of the company-wide strategy

  4. Focusses you and your team around the same business objective

Planning how to hit Challenges provide an excellent opportunity to do some innovative thinking.

Learn how to create a Challenge here.

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