The term “Customer Journey” refers to the sum-total of all interactions that a customer (or persona) has with a specific part or flow of your company.

There isn’t one customer journey. Rather, your company's customer journeys together represent all the possible interactions that an individual might have with your product or service. Adding up to the 'customer experience' or what we commonly refer to as CX.

These interactions can be split up into higher-level stages common to all customers, irrespective of their unique experiences.

While this is all correct, at TheyDo we like to keep things simple. Customer journeys are simply the visual tool you use to collect relevant customer insights based on their experience in a way everyone understands.

Mapping Customer Journeys makes your business more aware of the good and bad interactions your customers have with your service. It forces you to look at your business outside-in instead of inside-out. You will have to embrace the perspective of your customers.

With journeys at the center of your way of working, you are enabled to embed the customer needs into your core process.

Learn how to create your first Journey here.

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