Solutions in TheyDo are the place to add ideas, experiments and live products and services. Solutions can be landing pages that are already on your platform, services or email flows you already have in place. Solutions can be ideas you want to validate, or are in the process of implementation.

The purpose of a TheyDo solution is to empower everyone to be able to suggest solutions in the context of the customer journey.

TheyDo lets you add 4 different stages of a solution, from idea to implementation:

Idea → A first thought, just list anything you want to improve

Validated → Potential solutions that customers like and are validated

Rejected → Potential solutions that are rejected by customers

Live → Solutions that customers can use or buy

You, as a journey owner, can add Solutions to Opportunities so you keep track of what ideas there are to 'fix' the Opportunity.

Live solutions usually go directly into steps in a journey.

There are no limitations on how many ideas a journey step can have. Just as in most organizations there are ideas enough.

TheyDo simply helps you to organize them in the context of your journey.

Learn more about creating and managing Solutions here.

Are you following our 6-step guide to set up TheyDo for success?

Journey Excellence

Congratulations! You have reached the end. By now you have completed the set up to achieve Journey Excellence using:

Gain deep customer insight
1. Create Personas for each customer type

2. Map your first few Journeys in TheyDo

Standardise a Journey Framework

3. Start building the Journey Framework

4. Organise your Journeys from step 2 into the big picture

Standardise a Journey Framework

5. Capture Opportunities across journeys

6. Track improvement from idea to solution

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