Business challenges group a set of journeys together, so you can focus on the opportunities from these journeys only.

The purpose of creating a Business Challenges is to help you reach your goals. More information on how to create a good Business Challenge can be found here. In this article, you will find an explanation of the Challenges interface.

All Challenges overview page

Here you can find all Challenges in your workspace. They can be sorted bases on the following characteristics: 'Created, Status, Journeys, Owner'. These titles represent the date that the Challenge was created, if the Challenge is achieved or still to be achieved, how many Journeys are linked to the Challenge, and who created the Challenge. Clicking on one of these titles will sort the list of challenges based upon those characteristics.

In the top right, you can find the 'New Business Challenge' button. Clicking this will open a modal where you can give your new Business Challenge a name, description, color, and mark it as solved.

In the top left, you will see 3 filter options: All, Open, Solved. Selecting one of these options will filter the Challenges you see below.

In the top right of every challenge listed, you can find three dots. Clicking on these dots will open up a menu. Here you can choose to edit the Challenge or delete it. When you click on 'Edit Challenge' a modal will open where you can edit the title, status, description, and color of the Challenge.

Challenge detail page

Clicking on the title of a Challenge from this page will open up the Challenge and show all Journeys, Opportunities, and Solutions linked to this Challenge. This is the Challenge overview page. When looking at the Journeys from this page, you can hover your mouse over a Journey, click on the three dots to open a menu related to that Journey. From this menu, you can unlink your Journey from your selected Challenge by clicking on 'Unlink Journey'.

From the Challenge overview page, it is also possible to add new Journeys to the Challenge by clicking Add a Journey or Connect existing journey.

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