The purpose of creating a Persona is to better empathize with your customers. A Persona represents a group of your customers that share the same mindset. To find more about persona's check out this article.

Below, you will find an explanation of the Persona interface.

All Personas

Here you can find all Personas in your workspace. Once the Personas have moods associated with Steps, they will show a face representing their average mood over all Steps in all Journeys they take part in.

When a Persona has a category associated with them, their category will show in the bottom left of the Persona card. An overview of all categories is listed under the title of the page. Clicking on one of these categories will filter the listed Personas based on whether or not they are in that category.

On the bottom right side of the Persona card, you can find the number of Journeys a Persona is associated with.

In the top right of the All Personas page, you will find a button called 'New Persona', clicking this button will open up an empty Persona modal for you to create your persona in. More information on this process can be found here.

Next to the 'New Persona' button, you will find a switch, clicking this switch will open the Persona Matrices overview page. More information about persona Matrices can be found here.

Persona Matrix

The Persona Matrix can be used to visualize the relationships between personas. Based on the 2x2 grid, you can define the most important differences between your customers. Looking for a way to do this? Read the article on our blog where we explain how you can get started:

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