Happy customers, happy business. More happy customers, more business.

It's hard to argue with this simple principle.

At TheyDo we like to keep things simple too.

As our human emotional experience is very nuanced and different in any moment, there is no point in capturing all of these nuances for all your customers, all the time.

Instead, we look for indicators.

Indicators of positive emotions versus negative ones. Where in the customer journey do they occur? And on average, how many steps evoke a positive emotion? And how much slack do we as a business get? In TheyDo we call these moods. Moods are the basic ingredient for the happiness score.

How the happiness score is calculated

The Journey Happiness score is the average of all positive moods across the different steps of your journey.

For instance, if you have a journey that has 20 steps, of which 10 steps contain a Persona action with a positive mood, 5 contain a negative mood and 5 contain a neutral mood, the happiness score is 50%

Note: TheyDo calculates only steps that actually contain Persona Actions and their mood.

Want to learn more about emotional arcs?

With TheyDo journeys you can create an 'emotional arc' to show how people change their mood along their experience. Check out the video here:

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